Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Suckout and a Bluff

We continue with details from my short weekend session. 

I'm in seat 6 with $275 and seat 7, in the cutoff, has about $100.  I bet $12 with A-J and get three callers.  Flop is 4-8-7 and I bet $30.  Only seat 7 calls.  Turn is 9 and I bet $60 representing the nut flush.  He calls with $59 and is all-in.  I flip over my A and he flips over 8♠,8.  I realize that I'm way behind and hope to see a heart on the river.  The dealer puts out the river card...and it's a club.  For a second, I feel disappointment.  I take a closer look at the river card and realize that it's the 10♣!  I announce that I have a straight and flip over the J♠.  I apologized to the guy saying I was looking for a heart and didn't see the straight right away.  Seat 7 retrieves two $100 bills from his pocket and exchanges them for chips.

I had built a nice stack and looked down at my last hand before I had to leave.  UTG, I decided to try my luck for $2 with K♠-8♠ (I keep playing these trouble hands).  Seat 7, $180 behind, made it $12.  Three of us called and the flop was Q♣-10-8.  I checked, he bet $30, and only I called.  It looks like a bad call considering I only had the bottom pair.  The confidence he displayed made me certain he had A-A, KK, or AQ.  I thought I could outplay him if the right card came on the turn.

The turn was 9♣ which I considered an excellent card.  I looked at his stack and announced all-in.  You could see the discomfort he felt.  He said, "Here we go again.  Just like the other hand you won against me.  Flush? Straight?  I do have outs."  Then he folded 8-8 face-up!  I was relieved and flipped over my pitiful K,8.  The whole table was surprised.   Looking back at the hand, I forgot to consider that he might have had A♣-Q or A♣-A.  And if he did, can he call for $138 with top pair and nut flush draw if he thinks I already have a straight or a flush? 

I made two wrong decisions at the right time and came out ahead.  I racked up my chips and wished everyone at the table good luck.


  1. What was your thinking for showing on the last hand?

    1. Since I was ending the session, I decided to show.