Saturday, May 28, 2016

Three Strikeouts

Not all is well at the Live poker room.  As the title says, the author of this blog has had three losing sessions in a row.  That's not a record but it's worth mentioning.  Thank you all who leave comments because they do bring a constructive and different point of view to each hand.

Here are some hands that I played terribly.  You know that you are making a mistake when you look at your cards and debate calling or folding for $2.  I had K-7 and called.  Three of us saw the flop K-Q-J.  There was a $15 bet and two of us called.  Turn was 6.  First guy made it $25, I called (mistake #1), and the second guy went all-in for $52 total.  The other guy folded and I called (mistake #2).  The river was a blank and the winner flipped over 9-10.  I'm being asked to put in $27 more to win $180.  I should have focused on the strength of my hand instead of the pot odds.

Only $80 behind, I was dealt 6-6 while UTG+1.  I bet $12 and it folded around to the guy in the cut-off, $500+ behind, who thought about it and then called.  Flop was 9-10-3 and I went all-in (tilt move).  He thought about it and called with 9-5!  I mean, pot is $27 and he calls $68 more with 9,5.  I don't think I could have made the call if I was in his position.  But my shove was bad since I bet $68 to win $27.

Second session, I had K-Q and bet $10.  The guy next to me called.  Flop was K-5-8.  I bet $15 and he called.  The turn was a blank, I bet, and he called.  River was a blank and I bet and he min raised.  I thought about it and called.  The older gentleman flipped over A-A!

Third session, I'm in mid position with $100 behind, holding 3-4.  BB and a bearded guy on the button have me covered.  Flop is A-10-3.  BB checks, I check, Mr. Beard bets $15.  We call and the turn is 4.  BB checks, I check, and Mr. Beard bets $40.  BB folds and I move all-in.  I'm putting him on an ace.  BB debates for two minutes and calls.  Obviously he doesn't have a flush.  River is a J.  Mr. Beard flips over 10-J and wins with a higher two pair.  I was representing a flush but my turn check said I really didn't have a flush.  He had to call, right?  Pot was $174 and all he had to do is put in $43 to win $217. 

I wasn't patient.  I need to be mentally prepared to sit at a poker table for hours.  I have to be willing to fold and only play good starting hands and preferably when in position.


  1. wrong. first mistake was seeing the flop with K7 suited. 2nd was calling on the flop. what u call ur first mistake, was ur 3rd.

  2. Unless you are playing like Mr. Bigcharles, who I can attest has made some unbelievably terrible plays at the table, donating $2 as a recreational player to see a flop is not that bad. And yes, you should have folded after the flop.

    The second hand -- I've had that happen to me many times. I'd be interested if any readers have a good way to play this hand.

    Third hand -- with only $100 behind, I don't recommend playing hands like this. If you have a big stack and want to have fun, okay. Instead, with only $100 behind, I would wait for a much better hand before getting involved.

    Nice post!