Monday, May 23, 2016

The Poker Journey

I first dabbled in poker my senior year in high school.  You might think that it was a home game or an after-school activity.  It was neither.  We had a botany class and plenty of free class time.  Instead of studying, we started a poker game.  Sweating lunch money seemed more appropriate than reading a botany book.  Our game of choice was 5¢/10¢ no-limit Texas hold'em.

When online poker came along, I mainly played tournaments.  I first started by playing freerolls.  Back in the day, there were so many different sites competing for business that freerolls were abundant.  The fields were massive.  The play was abysmal.  All-ins were as common as calls at the beginning of those tournaments.

I still remember my biggest freeroll accomplishment.  There were more than 9,000 entrants and a total prize pool of $5,000.  I played for more than ten hours straight.  I ended up finishing 4th with a $250 payout.  There was a lot of luck involved but I will always be proud of outlasting 9,450 players!

In the brick and mortar establishments, I played tournaments and rarely cash games for few years.  Since 2014, I've been mostly playing cash.  It's hard to go to work for eight hours and then go play a tournament.  A tournament here and there is fine on a day off.
The poker journey has come full circle.


  1. Ultimate Bet used to have freerolls with 5,000 players. First place paid maybe $10 or something like that. I played in them to try different strategies. Fun times.

  2. New Year's Eve. Pacific Poker had these huge freerolls that night with 12,000 max entrants. In one, I got AA the first hand. I naturally went all in heads up against ... 8-3os! The flop: 8-3-3! I got an email from Pacific Poker: "Congratulations for taking 11,994th place in our tournament."