Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Dreaded Pocket Kings

I was dealt pocket kings and that's how today's post came to be.  How could I proceed to write a K,K recap without mentioning the notorious and prolific poker blogger who coined the term The Dreaded Pocket Kings.  In the style of the Bud Light commercial jingle: Today we salute you Mr. Rob, inventor of the dreaded pocket kings term.  

Live had a pretty cool high hand promotion going on: Top four hands each hour split $2016.  The $1/$2 session was off to a great start.  I had flopped the nut straight and seat 6 had raised me on the turn and we got it all-in on the river. 

I'm in seat 7 and $510 behind.  As I'm sitting on the button wondering when the food I ordered will arrive, I look down at K-K.  Just then...tap, tap...on my right shoulder from the waitress.  "Sir, can you please sign this" she says.  I think for a split second about just putting down a big X as my signature on the receipt but decide against it.  Off she goes.

The dealer, looking at me, states, "action on you."  I look to see what the players before me had done.  Seat 3, 40-something Asian guy, had bet $10 and got three callers.  I make it $60 and seat 3 shoves for $210 total.  The others got out of the way.  As a rule of thumb, I'm never folding K-K pre-flop to an Asian guy for $150!  I throw in a chip and the dealer flips over three low cards.  So far so good, I think.  The turn is A♣ and the river a blank.  Seat 3 proudly tables A♠-K♠.  So, instead of sitting on about $750 and enjoying my meal, I'm back down to $300 and without an appetite.

I think how the great TBC would have considered throwing that food onto the table towards the dealer for helping the villain catch one of his outs and chuckle.

Within the next two hours, I chipped up nicely thanks to an ace-high flush I hit on the turn and a jack-high straight that gave my opponent trips.  I was happy to rack-up after four hours of play.


  1. An easy way to make a hard living... Nice session - $560 and change?


  2. Congrats on the nice score. But see, you acknowledge me for the dreaded handle, but learned nothing from reading all my stories about those damn Kings.

    Next time, just fold the suckers.