Monday, May 16, 2016

Rounders: Pick One

The idea for this post came to me while I was driving home from work.  With all the DC traffic, we all need something to keep the mind occupied.

The question is not: Which of the character, in the movie Rounders, would you want to play in the movie?  There are several characters who have interesting roles but most of us would still pick Mike McDermott.

What's being asked is: Which character's poker skills and lifestyle would you want?  The choices are:

a.)  Mike McDermott
b.)  Lester "Worm" Murphy
Johnny Chan
d.)  Teddy KGB
Joey Knish 
f.)  Abe Petrovsky

I went through the process of elimination in order to find the answer.  The names are listed in the order of - I'm least likely to be like:

Teddy KGB - His poker skills might be above average but I could not run an underground gambling establishment.  Freedom is very important.

Worm - With his skills, he can succeed in poker.  But I could not engage in cheating, scamming, and illegal activities that would put me in jail or physical danger repeatedly.

Johnny Chan - I could never be as good as "Johnny fucking Chan."

Mike - He's a good poker player.  But I could not dropout of college, lose a girlfriend, and move to Vegas in hopes of becoming a professional poker player, like he did.  He pretty much went all-in and that's super risky in real life.

Abe Petrovsky - He is a professor, respected in his line of work, and lives a comfortable life; but he's a bad poker player.  I have to admit that after a bad beat, I think I wouldn't mind being Abe.  He doesn't take the game too seriously and he enjoys it with his friends when he's playing.

Joey Knish - We have a winner.  He lives a regular life but he is a good poker player.  He is not obsessed with becoming the greatest poker player or beating everyone.  He knows his limits and stays inside of them in order to make money consistently.

What is your answer? 


  1. Fun post! I'm Joey Knish. I can relate to him the most as well - no risks, small ego. He's a family guy who wants to be better but is aware of his boundaries and must balance family and full time poker play. He predicts what he'll make per hour, and knows how much he'll need to support his family and lifestyle.

    Although Knish may be too conservative for me since he'll never shot-take, he has a strong code of ethics and looks out for the younger players, giving them advice where he sees fit.

    1. The Poker Meister helped the young grinder get paid. The young player in turn gave him a stack of red. Karma is alive!

    2. No comment specific to this particular post. In fact, I HATED this post. It made me wish I had not gotten out of bed this morning. My day, no, WEEK, has been ruined from reading it . . .

      But, did want to comment, generally, that I love what you've done with the blog. My new favorite. Frequent updates, well-written hand histories and perfect length. Keep up the great work!