Sunday, April 17, 2016

Poker Blogs

I usually stay pretty busy during the summer and fall months.  But once the short days of winter and the cold weather arrived, my outdoor activities become limited. 

One weekend I wanted to play some cards.  So I did a Google search to see if any casinos offered poker and were within a two hour drive.  I found out that Dover Downs seemed like the most convenient place to visit.  I kept searching online for comments and reviews on the Dover Downs poker room and stumbled onto this 2010 post by the Poker Meister: Dover Downs Trip Report.

After reading many posts by the Poker Meister, I came across another local blog.  This blog was named the Poker Barrister.

Soon after that, I discovered the Holy Grail of poker blogs.  It belongs to the man, the myth, the legend Tony Bigcharles and is titled tbc's blog about grinding low stakes poker.  From there I went on to discover Rob’s blog and many other blogs.

As for my blog, I'm not sure what topics I will cover other than golf and poker.

An ace is a big deal in golf and it is the best card in poker; so with that, I leave you and hope you have an ace in the hole!


  1. Nice masthead. Did you do it yourself?

  2. I'm looking forward to following - came here from TBC's link...


  3. You will find that Tony's blog will send tons of traffic your way. Keep in mind that you could be in line for TBC Inner Circle membership. Now about that initiation fee ...