Friday, September 22, 2017

The Boys From Brazil

As I'm writing this poker session recap, I'm also watching the movie The Boys From Brazil for the first time.

My last session started off with a crippling hand:

I lost the rest in a three-way all-in pot where I'm holding an open-ended straight draw and a hearts flush draw.  One guy had J-J and the other guy had a pair with a hearts nut flush draw.  I didn't hit one of my 6 outs and decided to switch tables after the hand.

I settled into seat 6 at the new table.  For two hours I couldn't get anything going.  My stack slowly dwindled down to $67 but then:

Then I picked up J-J and bet $12 pre-flop.  I got three callers and we saw a 10-5-4 flop.  I bet $22 and only seat 8 called.  The turn was a 4, I bet $40, and he called.  The river was a Q and I bet $40 again.  He called.  I showed the winner and was up to $305.

In the last hand of importance, I was dealt A-8:

I left few orbits later.  From $67 all the way back up to $567!


  1. Do you generally stand up while you play poker? I would think it would be difficult to play sitting down with that horseshoe that appears to be so firmly set in your butt!