Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Six Dollar Walk

During one of my recent sessions, I got into a small argument with a dealer.  The whole thing started when I went for a walk to stretch my legs.  I got back to the table and the Missed Blind button was sitting in front of my chips.

I had two stacks of $5 red chips in front of me and one $1 white chip to the right of my red chips.  I waited for the previous hand to end and then tossed in a $5 chip.  Since we were playing $1/$3, I owed $4 to the pot before the next hand was dealt.  The dealer changed the red chip for five white chips and mistakenly tosses two chips back to me.  He then proceeds to get the cards ready for dealing.

I said, "Isn't it supposed to be $4?"  I threw one white chip back across the betting line.  I was left with two white chips next to my two stacks of reds.  Less than ten seconds later, the dealer got my attention again and said that I need to put one more dollar into the pot.  I looked at him confused.  He said that I had only put in $3.  I told him that I had put in $4 already.

He wouldn't have it.  Seat 1 looked at me and started nodding.  He was agreeing with me but said that it's just a dollar more.  Instead of starting a big argument, I threw another dollar into the pot.  I was left with one white chip again.

Coincidentally, that hand was the dealer's last at our table.  As he was pushing back, I said, "Hey buddy, here you go."  I tossed him my last white chip.  After he left, seat 1 said, "I'm 99% sure you were right."  The guy sitting next to me also spoke up and said that he was pretty sure that the dealer made a mistake.  We all kind of laughed it off.

A ten minute walk cost me $6.

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