Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Six Dollar Walk

During one of my recent sessions, I got into a small argument with a dealer.  The whole thing started when I went for a walk to stretch my legs.  I got back to the table and the Missed Blind button was sitting in front of my chips.

I had two stacks of $5 red chips in front of me and one $1 white chip to the right of my red chips.  I waited for the previous hand to end and then tossed in a $5 chip.  Since we were playing $1/$3, I owed $4 to the pot before the next hand was dealt.  The dealer changed the red chip for five white chips and mistakenly tosses two chips back to me.  He then proceeds to get the cards ready for dealing.

I said, "Isn't it supposed to be $4?"  I threw one white chip back across the betting line.  I was left with two white chips next to my two stacks of reds.  Less than ten seconds later, the dealer got my attention again and said that I need to put one more dollar into the pot.  I looked at him confused.  He said that I had only put in $3.  I told him that I had put in $4 already.

He wouldn't have it.  Seat 1 looked at me and started nodding.  He was agreeing with me but said that it's just a dollar more.  Instead of starting a big argument, I threw another dollar into the pot.  I was left with one white chip again.

Coincidentally, that hand was the dealer's last at our table.  As he was pushing back, I said, "Hey buddy, here you go."  I tossed him my last white chip.  After he left, seat 1 said, "I'm 99% sure you were right."  The guy sitting next to me also spoke up and said that he was pretty sure that the dealer made a mistake.  We all kind of laughed it off.

A ten minute walk cost me $6.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

One Day, Two Hobbies

The plan was to make the drive up to MD Live after work.  I had another $25 free slot play to collect and a $15 food credit.  After that, I could enter into a tournament or sit in a cash game that had a $400 high hand promo.  So off I went.

I stopped by a rewards machine, collected the food credit, and loaded the $25 free slot play onto my rewards cards.  Since I had parked closer to the VP machines, I ran the $25 thru a VP machine and cashed out $25 exactly.  I hit plenty of trips but zero quads.

Morty’s, a New York style deli located all the way on the other side of the casino floor, was my next stop.  I ordered the roast brisket sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie.  It was a good quick meal on the house.

My last stop was the poker room which will celebrate four years since opening next week.  I decided to skip the tournament and instead got seated at table 17.  The play was passive and the bets were on the smaller side.  It might have been due to the high hand promo going on.

I won three hands total but there is only one hand of importance to share.


I showed the winner and he mucked.  I doubled up my starting stack in less than 30 minutes. 

I have to say that Lady Luck has been by my side lately.  She stops by from time to time, just don't ask her to stay.  Since there was still daylight, I decided to book the profits and go enjoy my other hobby.

I drove down to Laurel, MD to a driving range.  I leave you with a few swings.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

High Noon Poker

I took some time off from work Friday and got in a three hour session at the MGM.

The bus pulling a DeLorean time travel trick

They were running a Lucky Table promo drawing every hour.  I got there at high noon just in time for the 12:15 pm drawing.  My table went 0 for 4.  During the last drawing, the TV screen showed our table number and then moved once more.  Congratulations to everyone at table 23 for winning $500.  Let's get to some hands.

I sit down in seat 4 and the third hand I get is K-K.  I make it $13 and get called by an Asian guy in seat 6.  The flop is A-x-x and it checks around.  He bets $10 on the turn and $15 on the river.  I call, he shows A-5 and I pay that man his money.

Before I knew it, I'm down to $135.  The table didn't impress me that much so I added $60 to my stack.  I worked my stack up to around $350 and then this hand happened.

Hand 1:

Less than 30 minutes later, this strange hand happened.

Hand 2: 

I finished the session with the following hand.

Hand 3:

There was an older guy at the table who was a bigger rock than Dwayne Johnson.  If he raised, you could be sure that he had a very strong hand.  For some reason, some of the other players didn't notice this and donated chips.  Overall, I don't think there was much skill involved in my win, just good cards.

The Trophy

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Hand Histories

If you like poker hand histories, you've come to the right place.  Below are some of the hands from the two winning sessions that came before the post about quads and being called Troy.  Let me know which hands you would have played differently.

Hand 1:

His raise pre-flop made me think he most likely had a pocket pair or (less likely) A-Q.

Hand 2:

A,K would probably have raised pre-flop.  A-Q, A-J, or A-9 seem most likely but I hold a J and a 9.  Maybe I should have found a fold on the flop.  Would you have folded this hand?

Hand 3:

I didn't think there was a way I was ahead on them both on the flop.  I stand by my fold.

Hand 4:

This was one of the craziest hands that I've ever played.  You might say that my play was extremely reckless/dumb and I won't disagree.  If I remember correctly I had built a stack and it had dwindled down.  Seat 4 opening to $13 is A-K, A-Q, T-T, or 9-9+.  Seat 6 calling could be 7-7, 5-5, or 3-3.  When I jammed, I didn't expect seat 4 to call.  After the hand, I asked seat 6 if he would have called if seat 4 folded and he said NO.  My image before this hand was very tight and I think that's why seat 6 gave me credit.  I don't expect to do anything like this again any time soon.

Hand 5:

Hand 6:

Seat 6 was a very competent player.  He had built a stack and was playing well.  On the flop, after my bet, seat 9 threw his cards into the muck and the K flipped over.  After the hand, seat 6 said that seeing the K go into the muck influenced him to call.

Hand 7:

Seat 5 debated on calling the flop but decided against it.  He jumped up when the 5 came on the river.

Hand 8:

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Four and No More

It's over.  Four in a row.  That is where the streak ended at the MGM.  Getting to four was difficult as I explained in my last post.  Going for five winning sessions in a row proved to be too much for this grasshopper.

From the start, I struggled.  I was unable to win even a few redbirds to get me above the starting stack.  I seemed to have the second best hand a lot or I'd fold only to see one of my few outs arrive on the river.  The cards weren't going my way, therefore, I was playing badly OR I was playing poorly, therefore, the cards didn't go my way.  Let's take a look.

Few calls before it gets to me.  In late position, I open K-J to $12 in seat 2.  Only the guy UTG calls with a stack of $80.  We see the flop of J-3-7.  He checks, I bet $15 and he moves all-in for $68.  I call and he flips over Q-Q.  He just called $3 pre-flop.

Few orbits later, I look down at 10-10.  I open to $12, seat 3 calls, it folds around to seat 1 who makes it $50.  I move all-in for $52 more, and both call.  Seat 1 had K-K and seat 3 scooped with A-9 after an ace on the flop.

I rebuy and continue to slide.  I lose $60 with A-6 vs 8-Q♥ on a board of A-7-8-9 when the 4 comes on the river.

I butchered the last hand of the day.  I specifically put my opponent on a hand but couldn't fold.  Why?  Because I was playing my pocket aces like they were invincible.

Seat 1 opens to $16, I call with A-A and seat 3 calls.  The flop is T-J-Q and seat 1 bets $30.  I call, and seat 3 moves all-in for $148.  Seat 1 folds and I stop to think.  He called pre-flop and he's moving all-in on the flop.  It has to be A-K.  I don't fold right away.  I start telling myself that it could be A-Q.  I call and of course he shows A-K.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Digging Myself Out of a Hole

We start the session with a 3 session winning streak.  I'm in seat 5 at table 22.  The table is playing tight and rarely do we see a big pot.

I lose some chips when my open-ended straight draw doesn't connect.  I strike-out again while fishing for the fifth club.  Third hand, I open A-K to $12 and get two callers.  The flop is J-Q-7 with two hearts.  It checks around.  Another J comes on the turn.  Thinking that a queen or jack would have bet the flop to charge flush draws, I decided to open for $30.  First guy calls but the second one moves all-in.  I get out of the way while the other guy makes the call.  The river is a blank and they show Q-A vs J-J for the quads and $300 for hitting the high hand promo.

Down to $85, I bet A-7 both diamonds to $12 and get a two callers.  They both check the Q-9-2 flop and I move all-in.  I get called by Q-K and lose.  My starting stack pulls a Houdini in less than two hours.  Time for a walk.  As I get up, I think to myself, I didn't like that table anyway.

I decide to take a stroll on the outdoor deck overlooking the National Harbor.  I make it about ten steps outside before the blaring music forces me to pull a U-Turn.

Back to the podium I go.  This time around, I get sent to table 13, seat 2.  In for $250.  It doesn't take me long to realize that it is a completely different game.  The stacks are bigger, there is more betting, and the bet sizing is bigger.

I hover around $200 when the following hand happens:

Unable to win a hand, I make my final stand with K-J:

Trooper in seat 5

After that hand, I lose two decent size pots.  In one of them, I called $10 on the button with K-5 both clubs.  Four of us saw the flop.  The flop was 4-4-5.  I bet $50, the SB and another player called.  The turn was a 3.  SB bet and the other player called.  I got out of the hand.  It went to showdown and SB flipped over 3-3.  He called $50 on the flop!

It felt like my chances of making it 4 winnings sessions in a row were returning to 0%.  But then this hand happened:

Thirty minutes later, I'm dealt the final hand of the night.

I cash out +$75 for the night and make it 4 in a row!