Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Queen of Hearts: Part 3


Everything was going well.  For Valentine's Day, they went to dinner to the Georgetown Waterfront.  The dinner was pricey but enjoyable.  Ace had a fun time coming up with zingers about couples seated around the restaurant where the men appeared to be twice as old as their female companions.

The DC winter was mild but by March, it was time to welcome back spring.  The couple booked a trip to see her family and spend some time at the beach.  Ace decided that this trip would be a good opportunity to pop the question.

He spent few weeks learning about diamonds and engagement rings.  He talked to his brother who was already married.  He spoke to his married female friends also.  And he browsed the internet trying to understand the differences between all the varieties available.  Not to bore you with the details, he ended up getting a diamond stone with an 18K white gold ring. 

The QoH has a very busy work schedule so her departing flight was scheduled for Friday evening.  Ace was going to book his flights with points.  He had two options.  Either fly thru Atlanta with a 5 hour layover and arrive on the island at 10 pm or fly DC to Newark Friday morning and catch a connecting flight at noon from JFK.  He chose the second option because he would reach the island by 4 pm.  This gave him enough time to go see potential proposal locations.  He was set on having it near a beach/water.

Fast forward to that Friday, Ace made it to DCA by 7 am.  He had the ring in a box inside his carry-on bag because it was too big to fit in his pocket.  There were no issues going thru security.  After the gate attendant scanned his boarding pass, he headed towards the aircraft.  The plane was very small and before entering the aircraft, he had to check his carry-on as did all other passengers.  Only after he got to his seat did he remember that he left the ring in the bag!  To make the situation even more entertaining, outside the window he saw the United workers loading and moving the bags.

Before the plane left the gate, the pilot announced that everything was looking good and the plane should be landing 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  Ace was very happy to hear this because it gave him extra time to make it to JFK for the 12 pm flight.

The DCA to EWR flight was very short but 15 minutes before landing, the pilot made the announcement that due to airport traffic, the plane would have to circle above New Jersey.  Long story short, the plane landed at 9:20 am.  Then, Ace had to wait for his carry-on bag at the side of the aircraft.  Luckily, he got the bag back with the ring inside.

Because of New York commuter traffic, Ace decided to take the train to Penn Station and from there go to JFK.  He made it to Penn Station at 10:40 am.  He rushed to the street level to see if he can take an Uber to JFK.  The app did not work and kept asking to verify payment.  He wasted 15 minutes and then gave up.  It was 11 am.  Defeated, he stood at the corner of 7th and 33rd.  He looked up and soaked in his surroundings.  He snapped a photo of the Empire State Building before heading back underground.

He hopped on the subway heading to the Jamaica Station.  Ace is a huge fan of Seinfeld.  First thing that came to mind was the episode The Subway and also The Cigar Store Indian.

During the rest of the ride, he passed the time by thinking about his options now that he had missed his flight.  He thought, will there be another flight today?  At what time?  How much will it cost?  What if there are no other flights tonight or they are all full?  He hoped that the worst case scenario would not happen where there were no other flights on Friday AND a next day flight would cost over $100 extra.  He arrived at the Delta counter in Terminal 2 at 12:20 pm.

He approached the lady at the counter and told her his story.  She was very nice.  She typed all the info into the computer and waited to see all the available options.  To Ace, waiting on the computer felt like an eternity but, in reality, it was only a minute.  She looked up at him and said, "The next available flight is...

to be continued... 


  1. I am really hoping QHearts is not killed in a plane crash. That would be sad.


    1. You haven't heard of any Delta flights going down this year, have you? :)

  2. Now you are teasing us, but in a good way I hope.

    1. I did try to build a little suspense :)