Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sunday Funday?

I played 6 sessions in March and all of them went well.  I'll blog about them in later posts.  Today's post is a recap from this past Sunday.  Most of us have heard the expression Sunday Funday.  The lady and I went to brunch Sunday morning and then went for a walk around the Jefferson Memorial.  Spring has finally arrived and we were happy to be outside.  Afterwards, we met-up with some friends for drinks and sat outside to soak up the rays.

It was an all-around enjoyable afternoon.  At 5pm I was back home and I realized that my evening was clear.  I lingered around the apartment for an hour.  There weren't any sporting events of interest on TV (unlike this Sunday).  So I decided to get an early start on April poker.  By 6:30pm I was seated in a $1/$3 game at the MGM.  Oh how nice it is to have a poker room on your doorstep.

I was in seat 10 and the table had six other players.  The floor person filled the empty seats quickly.  One thing to note, rarely are there two women at my table at the same time.  This night, there were three!  I had worked my stack up to $250 by 8pm.  Then the following hand went down:

Hand 1:

This was my thinking during the hand.  I open to $12 in late position and the lady in seat 2 on the button raises.  I'm immediately thinking pocket pair.  Based on her previous play, nothing special, I'm putting her on 10,10 or above.  The flop is as good as it gets.  I check to her because she is betting 100% of the time in this spot, in my opinion.  And she did.  I just call to keep my hand masked.  She really likes her hand and I'm ready to build a pot on the turn.  I lead out for $40 and she makes it $100.  This is where I stopped and thought just for a bit, could she have aces?  And the answer was yes but that is only one of the four pocket pairs in her range.  With her being on the button, I think she plays the hands I put her on the same way.  I move all-in and she snaps me off.  Before she flipped her cards over, I thought it's 50/50 that she has aces.  She proudly tables J,J.  And the rest is history.

This on really hurt and it tilted me.  It's not about the money.  It's about losing as a 95% favorite.  If you were reading my blog last year, you might recall this post where I had J,J and sucked out versus a lady holding K,K.  In that hand, the lady had $93 total; in this hand, we were $250 effective.  Also, I had a 19% chance of winning when the money went in while this lady had a 5% chance.  In the end, what goes around comes around.

This year, I've started to look at my opponent's play as well.  Let's look at the hand from her point of view.  Villain leads out for $12 and, on the button, she makes it $25.  The villain calls.  Flop is 9 high.  She bets and the villain calls.  The turn is a 7 that pairs the board and puts the second heart on the board (but most likely it's a blank).  The villain leads out.  Doesn't this scream strength?  Is the villain opening pre-flop and on the turn with A,9 or 9,x or Ah,xh?  She raises and the villain moves all-in!  This should be a huge red flag for her.  The only hand she can put me on that she is ahead of is 10,10.

That's not all from the Sunday Not Funday session.  This was the last hand I played (after rebuying) before giving up for the night:

Hand 2:

On the flop, I was putting him on a weaker ace or maybe a pair with a flush draw.  I really hate my call on the river.  On the turn, I told myself if the river is a heart and he leads out big I'll fold.  I attribute my call to tilt.  What would you have done on the river?

And that's how my six session win streak ended.

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