Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hitting the Bad Beat Jackpot

I got a chance to play some poker this week.  The session didn't go well.  I don't remember being that card-dead in a while.  The most I was up from my buy-in was +$50.  There were two big stacks that kept betting and if you keep missing flops, it's hard to get anything going.  My last $100 went in versus two opponents.  I had top two, one guy had top and bottom pair, and the winner caught a flush.

Three interesting things happened during this session.  One, there was a crazy unusual hand at my table which I'll cover in the next post.

Two, there was a guy in seat 9 drinking Coronas.  He bet on the 8,J,x flop.  He bet the turn.  And he bet on the river which was another 8.  He got called by seat 1 who had J,A.  Seat 9 was saying trips as he flipped over 7,Q.  It didn't take him long to realized the mistake.  He was half embarrassed and half upset that he thought he was holding 8,Q.  The Coronas might have been the culprit.

Three, there was a hand were seat 2 bet pre-flop and got callers.  The flop was 7,Q,Q and it was checked around.  The turn was A and he got one caller.  The fireworks went off on the 10 river like it was the 4th of July.  Both players were all-in.  Seat 2 flipped over Q,Q for quads.  The four ladies were no match for seat 5 who showed K,J for the royal flush!  The Bad Beat Jackpot, typically close to $100,000, was only around $12,000.  All the players at the table were pretty happy.  Unfortunately, I was seated one table over.  Still, it was great to see a hand that only happens 1 in 439 million!

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