Thursday, October 20, 2016

Three Orbits of Poker

I've had two losing session at the tables recently.  They were not full buy-in losses.  I was hoping to not make it three in a row.

The game was $1/$2 on the (cursed) second floor of the Live poker room.  I was in seat 5 (one of my favorite) with $200.  I typically wait to post but this time I ended up playing my first hand UTG accidentally.

The very first hand, I was dealt 6,6.  A woman in seat 8 called.  A guy in a dress shirt, in seat 9, bet $12.  A black gentleman, in seat 10, called and so did I and the lady.  The flop comes down 6,5,10.  I'm first to act and check.  There are plenty of draws out there and I'm not ready to build a pot yet.  The lady checks and seat 9 bets $28. The three of us call.

Turn is a 3 and I don't like it.  It checks to seat 10 who bets $55.  Only I call.  The river brings the fourth heart...Q.  Now, I am thinking that maybe I could try and represent the A♥ but that would require a big bet.  I just check and let destiny take over.  Seat 10 also checks.  I flip over my sixes and he folds; he had no heart! Right out of the gate my stack almost doubles.

Dress shirt guy played several hands in position and typically raised pre-flop.  He had $400+ on the table.  On the third orbit, I get dealt 10,10 in the BB.  There was one caller and then seat 9 bet $10.  It folds to me and I raise to $28.  Only he calls.  The flop is 3,4,8.  I bet $25 and he raises to $55.  It's starting to smell like a big pocket pair or a pure bluff.  I call and the turn is a Q.  He leads out for $75.  This is where I should have let it go.  Is he really barreling just because he's in position.  I call and the river is a 9.  If I check, I think he's going to bet.  I put out a blocker bet of $75.  He calls and flips over 3,4 for the win.

Not in a million years would I have put him on that hand.  If I thought he had a big pocket pair, why didn't I fold to his bet on the flop.  JJ-AA crushes me.  The only hand that I beat is 9,9 or a bluff.  I realized I made a big mistake right then and there.  I stood up, picked up my $100+ chips, and went for a walk.  I got some food and then went back to find another poker table.

At what point in the hand would you have raised the white flag?


  1. I can't really comment on when you should have folded; I think this is a totally read-dependent situation. If you don't believe him on the flop, the hand hasn't changed in texture by the turn and certainly not the river (89 got there, but is he raising and putting in all that money with 89?). Nevertheless, given the way the hand plays out, I would be putting him on a flopped set (he raised / called a 3bet). I also can believe JJ, QQ, but I don't know the player type - if he 4bets / shoves / etc. there.

    I do question your blocker bet sizing. How much did he have left by the river that $75 is a "blocker bet?" If he has $300+ effective, yeah I get it... but it sounds like a large bet, putting out ~38 BB. Especially since you have 79 BB each already in the middle.

  2. Not sure; I think it's a fairly easy fold by the river, if not the turn though. He's clearly repped a set and given the action, that is a credible story. So far tas bet sizing, I feel like you're betting close to half of effective stacks in a blocker manner. I think you can bet smaller and get the same result; you're folding to a raise - $50-60 seems just as reasonable as a blocker.

    1. So far as the 66 hand, I don't generally slow play flopped sets or flopped nut hands. With 2 callers, I raise, not wanting to be up against the semi-wet board. I want to make my opponents pay, and pay now, while I know I'm still ahead.

  3. u played it bad by not betting the flop, because theres lots of draws