Friday, August 26, 2016

I Lost $50, Winner Lost $500

You probably read the title and thought to yourself this must be a typo.  I'm here to assure you that the title to this post is accurate.  Let's see how it happened.

I get seated in seat 6 at a table on the 2nd floor (the cursed floor) at Live.  Seat 10 is a guy in his twenties.  I get dealt Q,Q and seat 10 is the big blind.  I make it $10, the button calls, and seat 10 comes along.  The flop is J,J,J.  Seat 10 bets $5, I find this bet super strange.  I raise to $10 just to see if he jams.  The button folds and seat 10 just calls.  The turn is a 4.  He bets $10 and I just call.  River is a 3 and he bets $20.  I don't get his betting pattern so I make the call.

Anyways, I flip over my Q,Q and he flips over J,2 for the quads.  You might say OK, that played out the way it was supposed did he lose $500.

During the time that we were playing, Live had a $500 high hand promotion.  The rule states that a player has to use both hole cards in order to have a qualifying high hand.  When this hand happened, there were fourteen minutes left until the end of the high hand period.  The high hand at that time was 9,9,9,A,A.

The young guy in seat 10 wasn't a regular and didn't know what the rules were.  When he showed his hand at showdown, I told him that he might have just lost $500.  He didn't get it.  Other players at the table told him that he had to move all-in on the flop in order for his J,2 to be the best hand (assuming everyone else folded).

By the time the promo ended, the high hand was still nines full of aces.  There you have it.  I lost $50 in a hand but the winner eventually ended up losing out on $500.


  1. It's early; but I don't get it? How could he have hit the high hand with J2? Only his J plays, right? Also, why does he have to shove in order to qualify? Was the minimum $$$$ not already in the pot?

  2. That's an interesting example. There's been a few times where I sat at a table and didn't know that they had a special promo going, mostly when it's Aces cracked.

    I'm curious - do most folks automatically ask as soon as they sit down? I try to do that now, but only if it's at a casino I haven't played at before (which still leaves me open to being caught unaware, as I only play a couple times a month, and things can/do change).

    Your story was a good reminder!