Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Just a Weird Spot

I'm sitting on $600 and to my left is the big stack (BigS) with $1300.  He has been playing throughout the night.  He was approaching 20 consecutive hours at the table!  To my right, a $300 stack, who is very loose (VL) and doesn't shy away from calling.  He sat down and burnt through his first buy-in.  But, he was able to get back to even after catching some good cards.
All three of us are in mid position.  I'm dealt A,10 and bet $12.  BigS and VL both called.  Flop comes down A,10,7 and I bet $30.  They both call.  Turn is a 4♣ and we all check.  River is a 9.  VL checks.  

Now it's my turn, what to do?  I checked and BigS checked.  VL folded.  I showed my two pair and BigS flipped over 9,9!  That's right, none of us were holding a club and I got rivered.


  1. Absent a tell that indicates they hated the turn, or unless they typically bet made hands on turn, I agree with Joel that it's a check call or maybe check/fold on turn.

    River is a bit closer to a bet, as you're only worried about BigS to worry about, but I do think check/call is right on river, absent other tells/patterns.