Thursday, May 12, 2016

Poker Blonde

After being felted, see last post, the voice of Apu from the Simpsons saying, "Thank you, come again" was in my head.  I felt I had made a mistake but I didn't think the players were better than me.  Therefore, I reached into the mighty wallet for buy-in number two.

Seat 3, a guy in his sixties, had built a nice stack of $600+ and was chatty.  He was in a good mood, felt invincible, and started betting frequently pre-flop.  I requested a seat change and then moved to seat 4 as soon as the button passed.  Few hands later while seat 3 was away, a very attractive, mid-forties, blonde sat down in seat 2.

She was well dressed and polite.  The guy in seat 1, a white guy in his fifties, gave her a warning about Mr. Chatty in seat 3.  But being the hound dog that he is, Mr. Chatty was back in his seat and looking to start a conversation with her.

Surprisingly, the blonde ended up being involved in a hand soon after sitting down.  Seat 10, on the button, bet $10 and she called in the big blind.  Flop was A,7,J and she bet.  Seat 10 called and another A came on the turn.  She bet again and he called.  River was a 10.  She put the rest of her chips in and seat 10 called with A,Q.  The blonde flipped over 7,7 and doubled up.  After that, she spent most of her time answering questions from Mr. Chatty or having a pleasant conversation with the guy in seat 1.

I, being much younger than the three of them, named them Three's Company and focused on poker.

Let's get to the main hand of this post.  I'm on the button, about $200 behind, holding A, K.  I bet $12 and only SB and BB called.  SB is short stacked and BB has a stack similar to mine.  Flop is 4,A,10 and BB leads out for $20.  I raise to $40 and both of them call.  Turn is 3, SB check, BB bets, I raise, SB is all-in, BB goes all-in, I call.  In my head I'm yelling no club, no club!  River is 10.  I flip over my cards but only exposing A while I wait for the SB and BB to show.  SB was chasing a flush and missed.  BB flips over A,Qand immediately I move the ace to expose the K.  The dealer pushes the $400+ pot my way.


  1. Nice pot - but here's the question: Why are you min raising the flop bet? "BB leads out for $20. I raise to $40" $36 in the middle, $20 lead and you raise $20, giving the BB great odds to call any draws - $20 to win $96. Why not raise to $50 or $60 with $76 in the middle already?

  2. Nice pot, nice score. I thought the same thing as PM, your flop raise was too small.

    Did the blonde and the old guy ever head off together?

  3. I hate the exposing one card at showdown. It's such a dick move. If you need to see BB cards just let him show first since he went all in.